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Party Packs

For 4 - 24

Perfectly crafted options for small groups. Let us do the thinking and you do the serving.  All packs include buns, BBQ sauce, napkins, and utensils. Available for pickup in-store anytime.

Small (4-6 People) $50

1lb Pulled Chicken & 1lb Pulled Pork.  Pick any 2 sides.

Medium (8-10 People) $80

Includes 1.5lb Pulled Chicken & 1.5lb Pulled Pork. Pick any 2 sides.

Large (12-16 People) $125

Includes 2.5lb Pulled Chicken & 2.5lb Pulled Pork. Pick any 2 sides.

XL (20-24 People) $190

Includes 4lb Pulled Chicken & 4lb Pulled Pork.  Pick any 2 sides.

B.Y.O. BBQ Sandwich Bar Catering

For 30 - 300+

Fully-loaded sandwich bars for groups of 30-300+. Includes choices of our natural premium smoked proteins (including vegan Jackfruit), locally baked potato buns, our most popular freshly prepared toppings, regional BBQ sauce bottles, and all the serving tools you need to make your party rock. Priced per person. Free delivery + setup.

2 Protein  $11

Keep it simple. Choose any 2 premium smoked proteins.

2 Protein + 2 Side  $13

Choose any 2 premium smoked proteins and 2 homemade sides.

3 Protein  $12.5

Give em’ options. Choose any 3 premium smoked proteins.

3 Protein + 2 Side  $14.5

Choose any 3 premium smoked proteins and 2 homemade sides.

"The Ultimate Party" $17.5

Choose any 3 premium smoked proteins, 3 homemade sides, and PB Banana Puddings for all.

All spreads include:


  • Buns

  • Smoked meats

  • Topping bar

  • Sauce bottles

  • Chafing racks

  • Heating fuel



  • Tongs

  • Serving Spoons

  • Compostable Plates

  • Forks

  • Knives

  • Napkins


Add-ons to take the party to the next level!


Gallon Iced Tea $6

Gallon Lemonade $8

Dave's PB Banana Pudding (Dozen) $30

Rack of Premium Dry-Rubbed Ribs $24

Party Pack Delivery + Setup within 10 miles $35